Blood on the Prairie Sesquicentennial Edition

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Cooper, commanding the Confederate Indian Brigade.

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The Battle of Honey Springs provides a great jumping off point for the state's commemoration of the Civil War, said Bob Blackburn, executive director of the Oklahoma Historical Society. Texans charged twice — those crazy Texans with their Rebel yell — and the Kansas Colored held them. Cooper reported killed and wounded, with 47 taken prisoner, and claimed to have killed and wounded fighters for the Union.

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Blunt reported 17 killed and 60 wounded and claimed to have killed and buried Confederates, wounded and taken 77 prisoners. The exact numbers are unknown. Re-enactments of the Honey Springs battle were moved to late spring because participants and audiences tended to swoon in the midsummer heat, said Michael Dean, spokesman for the Oklahoma Historical Society.

This year, Civil War re-enactment groups have chosen it as one of the major commemorations in the first year of the sesquicentennial. Call Gano and Stand Watie. Exhaustively researched, this volume fills in gaps that have been lurking for over a century regarding this battle.

Hancock County, Illinois

In , after battling at Wilson's Creek and Pea Ridge, he became brigadier general. Despite these accomplishments, Watie's and the Indian Territory's involvement in the war remained relatively unknown until Cunningham's book first published in With an unshakable faith in their leader, Opothleyahola, they made a desperate escape from Confederate troops that were closing in to make their dramatic journey seeking Federal protection in Kansas.

Tense and exciting. Exhaustively researched and documented, this volume fills part of the void that surrounds the Civil War in the west and brings the reader face to face with the participants in that struggle. Published by the Oklahoma Historical Society.

Blood Feud The Man Who Blew the Whistle on One of the Deadliest Prescription Drugs Ever

A little-known story of a little-known Confederate leader. Provides a fascinating account of the different groups who fought in the Indian Territory during the American Civil War.

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Richly illustrated with rare early photos and detailed color reconstructions. Describes the military and civilian dimensions and explores the massive dislocation and loss of autonomy visited on the Cherokee people.

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Craig Gaines: Tells the story of Drew's Confederate Regiment and shows how the deep rooted conflict within the Cherokee Nation contributed to confusing and often deadly circumstances for its young men as the Civil War began. Early -- Joseph begins explorations of the country. Instructed to stay away from large cities, he turned eastward and finally decided on the land now Ste.

Marie of rolling prairie and virgin timber partly because of its proximity to Vincennes, a strong French city and because of the availability of priests to say Mass. At that time there was not a single house between Newton and Olney.

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  • Oklahoma commemorates Civil War 150 years after secession swept Southern states and Indian tribes!

A contract was written and signed by the members of the association. June 20, -- Joseph returned to the United States with the nucleus of a colony, all related by either blood or marriage, twenty-five in all, on the ship, the Mogul. Because they were all related, the new settlement was to be named Colonie des Freres or Colony of Brothers. July 20, -- The new immigrants bought a small farm near St. Francisville where they stayed for several months.

Francisville and came to begin their new settlement. They boarded with William Price who had a cabin nearby. Father Stephen Theodore Badin, a Frenchman came during this time to bless this work of their own hands and celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in their presence. Father Badin was the first priest ordained in the United States. A stone monument fashioned to look like a log cabin stands on the grounds of the University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana, as a tribute to him.

There is also a mosaic on the east porch of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D. The newly acquired land was called "Colonie des Freres," or Colony of Brothers. Eventually the name of the new settlement was changed to St.

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Marie with the French version of the spelling changing in by request of the French settlers. Joseph Picquet made many more trips back to France to bring other family members to the new colony. The history of Sainte Marie since has been well documented in the three books published during past celebrations — the Quasquicentennial in , the Sesquicentennial in and the Quartoseptcentennial in Because of circumstances beyond the control of its bright and ingenious founders such as a cross-county railroad that failed and their equally ambitious successors, the village never grew beyond a population of Today the population stands at , still a respectable number based on the increasing numbers of small rural villages that are not surviving in this fast-changing world.

Most of those worldly-aware individuals returned home to grow their families in Sainte Marie, but their children became educated and left for other places to pursue their careers. Farms became larger and needed fewer workers, again forcing people to leave for urban areas. Fires burned through the village over the years, the most devastating being the one that consumed the huge, beautiful, stately St. Mary of the Assumption Church in A smaller version of the church was rebuilt; even so, St. Another major fire in in a dormitory at the Sacred Heart Novitiate initiated the closing of that facility in after some 45 years in the community.

Today, this large facility is home to the South Eastern Special Education offices. Despite all its setbacks, this small rural village thrived, with businesses that adapted to changing times and the fervor of committed residents who believed Sainte Marie was a town worthy of survival. But times are changing. For the first time since its founding in , Sainte Marie did not have a full-fledged elementary school in The Post Office now has only half-time hours, with a constant threat of closure hanging over its head due to declining population and increasing federal budget deficits.

The St.


Knights of the Skull, Vol. 1 : Wayne Vansant (author) : : Blackwell's

Thomas Church Newton pastor conducts mass several times during the week and on Saturday evening. Yet, each Labor Day weekend, over a thousand people return to attend the annual Church picnic. Hundreds of others return for family reunions during the summertime. Many who left choose to be buried in the town that they left so many years ago, testifying to the fact that their hearts still remain in this lively, little community where they grew up — still a beautiful, quaint, little village that forever communicates pride of place and loyalty to the honesty and principles of a Midwestern upbringing.

For more details about the history of Sainte Marie, contact:. The Sainte Marie Foundation. Sainte Marie Dedication. Dedication of Ste. Marie October 28, Embarras Bridge. Marie Bridge over the Embarras River. Assumption Church Mary's of the Assumption Church. Joseph Picquet Father of Sainte Marie.

Blood on the Prairie Sesquicentennial Edition Blood on the Prairie Sesquicentennial Edition
Blood on the Prairie Sesquicentennial Edition Blood on the Prairie Sesquicentennial Edition
Blood on the Prairie Sesquicentennial Edition Blood on the Prairie Sesquicentennial Edition
Blood on the Prairie Sesquicentennial Edition Blood on the Prairie Sesquicentennial Edition
Blood on the Prairie Sesquicentennial Edition Blood on the Prairie Sesquicentennial Edition
Blood on the Prairie Sesquicentennial Edition Blood on the Prairie Sesquicentennial Edition
Blood on the Prairie Sesquicentennial Edition Blood on the Prairie Sesquicentennial Edition
Blood on the Prairie Sesquicentennial Edition Blood on the Prairie Sesquicentennial Edition
Blood on the Prairie Sesquicentennial Edition Blood on the Prairie Sesquicentennial Edition

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