Deadly Deception (a Brian Bianco novel Book 5)

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To view the online version of this catalogue please visit bloomsbury. Our front cover star is a zooming space adventure for the very young: Meet. Celebrating eco-heroines everywhere, we have Fantastically Great Women Who Saved the Planet — from our very own bestselling non-fiction superheroine, Kate Pankhurst. Our non-fiction list is full of the wonders of the natural world, especially in our longstanding partnership with the RSPB, which now yields the utterly awe-inspiring, majestic and beautiful Birds by Miranda Krestovnikoff and Angela Harding.

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So when Croc, Crane and Pig are each having a bad day, she comes up with a brilliant plan to cheer them all up.

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Can Lola come up with the perfect way to show how much she loves her dearest friend? Is that a cheeky monkey flying a plane? Did I see a llama riding a scooter?

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And look! All the animals are on the move in their favourite vehicles, zipping by in their own hilarious way. Travel across airports, race through city streets in fire engines and drive around building sites. We Catch the Bus invites children to choose their favourite vehicles and how they like to travel on pages, packed with animals driving cars, buses, diggers, spacecraft, bikes, ships, scooters and more. Katie Abey lives in a teeny hobbit-like house in Derbyshire. When Katie is not drawing awkward cats and llamas, she enjoys yoga and reading. There are lots of sleepy animals to wake up in this bouncy, energetic board book.

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She lives in Sheffield with her family. She lives in Sheffield. Making noise is a LOT of fun Perfect for little people who love banging and popping, and whizzing and fizzing.


Highly collectible, with a sparkly cover, this is the second book in a charming new series featuring the fluffy, friendly FurFins, enchanting little sea creatures with glittery tails and a taste for adventure. Deep beneath the silvery waves lies the magical Kingdom of Coralia. Luckily her best friends StarTail and TinyTail are ready to help. Can they save the day in time for the mermaid wedding? She lives in a village in Oxfordshire. This is her second picture book. This brand-new board-book edition of a bestselling picture book is bursting with cars, buses, planes, trains, trucks, diggers and many more things that go.

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Join in the fun in a musical book with bold, colourful illustrations by the instantly recognisable Nick Sharratt, and text by talented newcomer Katrina Charman. Nick Sharratt is the bestselling illustrator of over books for children, including books by Dame Jacqueline Wilson, Julia Donaldson and Michael Rosen. He is the proud owner of a gold Blue Peter badge. Jam-packed with emergency vehicles, unlikely rescues and crazy creatures, this brilliant new book from the creators of You Can't Take an Elephant on the Bus and You Can't Let an Elephant Drive a Digger is riotous, laugh-out-loud fun!

An elephant firefighter? A traffic cop sloth? A paramedic chimpanzee? What a catastrophe!


Find out why in this hilarious picture book filled with brilliant and improbable rescue attempts. David Tazzyman is the award-winning illustrator of the Mr Gum books Egmont , as well as six bestselling picture books for Bloomsbury. The Girl and the Dinosaur Written by Hollie Hughes Illustrated by Sarah Massini A very rare and special book where the words and pictures take you on a magical journey far beyond the page. In a town by the seaside, Marianne is often seen foraging on the beach. Instead Marianne is alone, and digging for dinosaur bones to build a special sort of companion … The wishing stars burn bright that night, the air is thick with dreams, and a deeply sleeping dinosaur is waking up, it seems ….

A masterpiece of storytelling with evocative and stunning illustrations, The Girl and the Dinosaur is destined to be read for years to come. Hollie lives in Essex with her family. Sarah Massini is the illustrator of more than a dozen picture books. Sarah lives in Sussex with her family. The perfect celebration of the addictive pleasures of books and reading. He loves nothing more than finding a quiet spot and reading.

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Fantastically Great Women Who Saved the Planet Kate Pankhurst From the brilliant bestselling author and illustrator Kate Pankhurst comes a new book about inspirational women who have dedicated their lives to studying, conserving and protecting our planet. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of World Earth Day, this book introduces readers to women whose work and activism have shaped the world we live in. From deep in the ocean and around the Antarctic to the hearts of Tanzanian forests, women throughout history, and still today, have made discoveries that have shown us just how amazing the Earth is and why we should look after it.

Read about how Antarctic researcher Edith Farkas helped identify the thinning of the Ozone Layer and how Anita Roddick led the charge for ethical everyday products when she opened her cosmetics store, The Body Shop. As a child, Kate spent most of her time drawing, she feels very lucky to now do this as her job.

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What birds can do is extraordinary. The statuesque golden eagle spots prey from kilometres away. You can tell what time of day an owl hunts by looking at the colour of its eyes. With its long muscular legs, the secretary bird can kick large prey, like snakes and hares, with powerful force. Discover which bird is the fastest, the smallest, the cleverest, the most colourful, from the bitter cold polar regions to the lush tropics.

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White-winged diuca finches nest high upon freezing glaciers and mighty peregrine falcons circle skyscrapers in busy cities. Look up! Birds will amaze, intrigue and take your breath away. This is her first non-fiction book. From the easy-to-spot, year-round tufted duck to the cackling fulmar, get ready to find out about different birds.

You will learn where to find birds, what their different habitats look like and which birds to look out for throughout the seasons. It includes our favourite birds, such as the goldfinch, robin, blue tit, blackbird and owl, as well as some less-common visitors we might not know about, and fact-packed information boxes on each page. A fantastic book for every budding bird spotter and the fact-loving future nature scientist.

Deadly Deception (a Brian Bianco novel Book 5) Deadly Deception (a Brian Bianco novel Book 5)
Deadly Deception (a Brian Bianco novel Book 5) Deadly Deception (a Brian Bianco novel Book 5)
Deadly Deception (a Brian Bianco novel Book 5) Deadly Deception (a Brian Bianco novel Book 5)
Deadly Deception (a Brian Bianco novel Book 5) Deadly Deception (a Brian Bianco novel Book 5)
Deadly Deception (a Brian Bianco novel Book 5) Deadly Deception (a Brian Bianco novel Book 5)
Deadly Deception (a Brian Bianco novel Book 5) Deadly Deception (a Brian Bianco novel Book 5)
Deadly Deception (a Brian Bianco novel Book 5) Deadly Deception (a Brian Bianco novel Book 5)
Deadly Deception (a Brian Bianco novel Book 5) Deadly Deception (a Brian Bianco novel Book 5)

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