How to Use Twitter for Marketing Leads

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The benefits of using Twitter for realtors

Create a Card that offers a promotion or free trial and before you know it you could have a boatload of data from users interested in your product or service right at your fingertips. How have you been able to use Twitter for finding leads?

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They follow brands because they enjoy the content they share. First, figure out how many times you want to tweet per day. There is no exact science for how many times you should tweet per day, but research shows that the more you tweet, the more engagement you will have. Buffer recommends posting to Twitter at least five times per day.

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The Do and Don’ts of Using Twitter to Generate Real Estate Leads

Then decide on how you want to split up that content between owned content content you create , curated content content created by someone else , and promotional content content that highlights your products, services, or offerings. You may be using Twitter for lead generation, but your primary task is entertaining your audience — not selling to them. So increase clicks and retweets by using Twitter cards. Twitter cards add rich media to your tweets and come in a variety of styles.

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Select a card style that best matches your goals, products, and services. Twitter cards do not automatically populate and you need to add code or plugins to your site so that Twitter will recognize the data from your pages and generate the cards. But adding the rich media to your tweets is worth it as it will increase engagement, attract more followers, and draw more traffic to your website and products.

Your prospects and leads would be people having design needs right? This one is actually a really simple yet super effective trick. Go to your competitors Twitter profiles — company and sales and business development executives. See who they are following and engaging with and then slowly start to like, follow and engage with the same set of people the competitor is following.

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This method gets categorized as lead generation via the pull of personal branding. Also make it easier for people to find you.

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You could add your Twitter handle as part of your branding program e. To find the right target audience, you can see through a number of ways. Google search being one, and thereafter playing smart with Hashtags. Create a list of hashtags that are industry relevant and then search for those. I use Followerwonk and Commun.

Twitter Marketing Tutorial 2019 - Social Media Marketing Course - How to Use Twitter for Beginners

On Twitter the more following you have the more of an industry influencer you are. There are some really interesting ways to increase the number of followers. Tweetpup allows you to follow people from your industry niche you set the keywords and then automatically unfollow them after days. However, I prefer communi.

It just saves time and helps avoid jumping between tools. This is another smart one where you harness the efforts of some smart marketers across the globe to do your work for you.

How To Use Twitter's Advanced Search To Drive More Business Leads

First figure out what industry events are relevant to your business niche- category and geography wise. Thereafter you can continue engaging with them on Twitter or better still, just find their email ID and start corresponding over email. In fact this need to bridge social media prospecting to lead generation was the real reason that I decided to have this feature introduced in the CRM that we built. Twitter is a place that creates communities and not a marketplace. Help people out in what they do, give a shout out etc.

Content promotion company Quuu is active on Twitter as a community and organize periodic chats around certain themes. It brings in like-minded people to discuss, debate and question around a theme with an industry influencer or just among themselves. You need to champion your stakeholders and prospects to build an invisible bridge.

6 Tips To Generate B2B Leads From Twitter

People are always looking for quick recommendations. Everything from what sunscreen they should use to what CRM they should buy. If you use Twitter advanced research option which is free btw. It allows you to filter tweets based on keywords, hashtags, people, designations and even location.

How to Use Twitter to Grow Your Business, Traffic and Sales

To be able to truly engage with your community you need to give-give-give before you can make the faintest ask. Using tools like Feedly can help you track inputs via keywords and hashtags you choose on Twitter. Yes, there are some very interesting tools around that help you prospect better and generate warm and hot leads right off Twitter. Twitter is a powerful platform where million tweets are being posted everyday.

As is the case with modern-day content, you need to sieve through this gargantuan content to spot the real value.

How to Use Twitter for Marketing Leads How to Use Twitter for Marketing Leads
How to Use Twitter for Marketing Leads How to Use Twitter for Marketing Leads
How to Use Twitter for Marketing Leads How to Use Twitter for Marketing Leads
How to Use Twitter for Marketing Leads How to Use Twitter for Marketing Leads
How to Use Twitter for Marketing Leads How to Use Twitter for Marketing Leads
How to Use Twitter for Marketing Leads How to Use Twitter for Marketing Leads
How to Use Twitter for Marketing Leads How to Use Twitter for Marketing Leads

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