Japanese Theatre (Tut books : D)

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OK but prob too too long to post here?? Many countries are far from decided yet. From your list above I really disliked the writing by numbers of, and the dishonesty of the Kite Runner, shameful. A controversial response. He tries to dominate a boy into inheriting his mad ambition, nearly succeeding. Powerful, moving. Elizabeth Jolley is a unique fabulous writer, English born, lived in Scotland too but emigrated to Australia, wrote much from there. Alice Munro is a great Canadian writer. I could paste it in here but seems unfair? Interesting comments from CarolS.

Literature is SO subjective. Like looking at paintings. I agree with her re Kite Runner — too melodramatic for a start. But then is any book NOT worth looking at?

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How is fiction ever going to compete with non fiction? But then Hillary Mantel comes up with Wolf Hall and one thinks…hmmmm…. Good luck the Choir Girl. Keep reading. Hurray for this project! After a tough badly structured maybe over long?? Great minds… haha. Do you have time for breakfast too? Congratulations on the fantastic job! Thanks Bradley.

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Eating breakfast as I type…. Hi again Miguel.

This is such a wonderful idea. I know a few people that can help you fill in your African countries. Some books are translated into English -starting with the medieval Tirant lo Blanch, that Cervantes itself considered a wonderful book- Could i suggest you to visit the website of Institut Ramon Llull? Thanks very much. The links sound great. Thanks very much for taking the time to comment.

Glad to see that you have included Uruguay, my native country. I will be researching the best books by Honduran authors and let you know what I find. I read it last year for my A Year of Reading Women, otherwise it would be a great suggestion. Honduras thoughts would be great.

Thanks so much. Thanks for your top tips too. Wow… this is an impressive list… how many hours will you put into it? Thanks Paula. Although I love Herta Muller, I am not sure if she is fully representative of Romanian literature — mainly because she writes and has always written in German.


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For a good feel for contemporary Romanian style of writing, I would recommend Mircea Cartarescu, poet, novelist and essayist. Sorkin, published in NY. Cartarescu sounds interesting. Hi there, just followed a link from a comment you left on the Guardian books site. Looks like an interesting project. Laos looked an interesting bet so I did a bit of research and I reckon you should try Mothers Beloved by Outhine Bounyavong.

Looking forward to seeing what you think of it, if you choose to read it.. I really appreciate you taking the time to do some research on my behalf. How is the reading going?

The reading is going well. You could try something by Carl De Souza. I do read French, but for the purposes of this project, I am only reading books in English translation. Any other Mauritian suggestions would be fab though….

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Thanks Kalin — sounds great. World literature lives or dies by the skill of the people who relay it from one language to another. Thanks for stopping by. And, ah, there were more ingredients in the magic potion, but now my memory refuses to reveal them. Hi, Greetings from Ecuador! I am very happy to hear about this amazing initiative. It is an amazing story, very contextual to the history of my country.

These sound great. All of these are Men Booker Prize winners —. I really enjoyed them when I read them too. These books are very famous in the UK as well.

Research interests

Hello from Sweden! I just found this blog and will definitely bee following it in the future. Most of the book titles are in english, but the country names are in swedish. Thanks very much for getting in touch.

Japanese Theatre (Tut books : D) Japanese Theatre (Tut books : D)
Japanese Theatre (Tut books : D) Japanese Theatre (Tut books : D)
Japanese Theatre (Tut books : D) Japanese Theatre (Tut books : D)
Japanese Theatre (Tut books : D) Japanese Theatre (Tut books : D)
Japanese Theatre (Tut books : D) Japanese Theatre (Tut books : D)
Japanese Theatre (Tut books : D) Japanese Theatre (Tut books : D)
Japanese Theatre (Tut books : D) Japanese Theatre (Tut books : D)
Japanese Theatre (Tut books : D) Japanese Theatre (Tut books : D)

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