Legends of Steragos Color Edition

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The brilliance of the toy is in its design. Assembly was rather simple, and as I can recall, fairly sturdy in the hands of a six-year-old. The piece did not necessarily have to be connected to the track. Though these may seem insignificant — particularly since everything is one uniform shade of red or brown — they really actually add to the pretend factor. Stockholm, Sweden Comic Books. Issue 1 Cover. Sample page by Ewelina Mroczkowska.

Arianna - by Ewelina Mroczkowska. Lord Siege - by Ewelina Mroczkowska. Raven - by Ewelina Mroczkowska.


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Legends of Steragos Color Edition Legends of Steragos Color Edition
Legends of Steragos Color Edition Legends of Steragos Color Edition
Legends of Steragos Color Edition Legends of Steragos Color Edition
Legends of Steragos Color Edition Legends of Steragos Color Edition
Legends of Steragos Color Edition Legends of Steragos Color Edition

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