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Some people might recognize him because of The Osbournes, which was the reality TV show centered on singer Ozzy Osbourne and his family that remains one of the most popular shows that MTV has ever made. Jack Osbourne never managed to reach the same heights as, say, his mother Sharon Osbourne, but he has very much been involved with TV ever since said show came to a conclusion in Speaking of which, Jack Osbourne has claimed that Portals to Hell has no embellishment to it , which he contrasted with other paranormal shows that use various methods to make their content more interesting for the viewers.

Supposedly, what people see in the episodes are what Jack Osbourne and the others came upon. In any case, Jack Osbourne seems to be a believer in ghosts and other supposed paranormal phenomena. His reasoning seems to be based on the idea that there must be some kind of substance to ghost stories because people are still telling them in the present time even though they have stopped telling stories about giants and dragons, which used to be very popular as well. However, this seems like a rather questionable chain of reasoning, not least because there are still plenty of people who tell stories about sasquatches and Loch Ness monsters, which seem an awful lot like modern versions of stories about giants and dragons.

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The other host of Portals to Hell is Katrina Weidman. Chances are good that people who watch a lot of paranormal shows and related content will be familiar with her to some extent, seeing as how she became famous because of her membership in the Paranormal Research Society that was featured on Paranormal State. Since that time, Weidman has continued appearing in this kind of content, meaning that she can be considered a true veteran of paranormal show-making.

Given that Portals to Hell is found on the Travel Channel, some people might have expected it to feature various places that either are or were considered to be gates to the underworld by various cultures.

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Portals to Hell: Inside Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum - Travel Channel

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10 Things You Didn’t Know about Portals to Hell

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April 5, pm. Vote Up 2 -3 Vote Down Reply. February 15, pm. You will feel anger, hate, fear, jealousy and depression. Highly sensitive people will become victims of nightmares and feelings of oppression as the negative entities make use of the portal. Mirrors and water are also popular ways of creating a portal to the other side. They are effective as long as the user knows how to use them properly, control them and ultimately close them down properly afterwards, otherwise you leave yourself open to unwanted guests using the portal.

It is far more technical to close a portal than it is to open one. There are both positive and negative portals, but why do our spirit guides and other ascended beings allow the negative portals to exist? All humans possess free will, the free will to make choices and to design our own destiny.

Spirit Portals and Energy Vortexes - News Article - Supernatural Magazine

Both positive and negative portals can be created by free will, they both exist because they have been called into existence. If our spirit guides stopped the opening of negative portals this would mean that we as humans are not the true masters of our destinies and we have no free will. One type of energy would then have ultimate hold so with light we must have dark to keep the balance between our dimension and that of other dimensions.

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Paranormal Portals Paranormal Portals
Paranormal Portals Paranormal Portals
Paranormal Portals Paranormal Portals
Paranormal Portals Paranormal Portals
Paranormal Portals Paranormal Portals
Paranormal Portals Paranormal Portals
Paranormal Portals Paranormal Portals
Paranormal Portals Paranormal Portals
Paranormal Portals Paranormal Portals

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