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French language watchdogs say 'non' to gender-neutral style

Become a Member or sign-in to leave a comment. From our sponsors What's the reality of expat life in Europe today? Five reasons to study luxury brand management in Paris.

Double without a view

More news French fashion house Saint Laurent unveils designer condoms. Paris pays homage to India's glamorous 'golden couple' of the s and 30s. Old French lady discovers Italian Renaissance masterpiece in her kitchen. Paris Tutankhamun exhibition sets new all-time French record for visitors. Related articles More English words slip into French language.

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  • A Glance into the Great South-East, or Clarke County, Alabama, and its surroundings, from 1540 to 1877.

Raising bilingual children 'does cause frustration'. US state wants road signs displayed in French. American artist's tribute to terror victims finally unveiled in Paris.

Académie Française allows feminisation of job titles

Jobs in Europe FR. The Local seeks a reporter in France. Sales Manager. Procurement Specialist. Quantitative Financial Analysis - Graduate.

'Earthquake' as Brit joins Académie Française - The Local

Account executive Swedish market. Legal Implementation Coordinator.

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  • France's Official Moderator of French Linguistics.

Associate Scientist. The real question, for some, is what the deadlock says about the beleaguered France of today. Rouart said.

'Earthquake' as Brit joins Académie Française

People read more, yes, but what they read are idiocies. The academy is a boat adrift in a dry sea.

Bona said. Is this a French malaise? The bad mood around us, is it communicating itself to the academy? Last month, the academy members trooped down a wooden staircase of the Institut de France, the sharp drumbeats of the Republican Guard echoing through the marbled halls.

They were there to induct the newest member they could agree upon, the novelist Patrick Grainville, an author of baroque fantasies. Grainville took the seat of Alain Decaux, a journalist, historian and writer who died in March Generally, the academy waits a year after a death to announce a vacancy, and if a replacement receives a majority vote, a formal induction comes about a year later.

Grainville was elected in March The smartly dressed invited public were scattered amid uniformed academy members, resplendent in their green embroidered uniforms. The induction ceremony for Mr. Grainville spoke to an eternal France faithfully devoted to celebrating words and their ecstatic usage. Bona said, describing Mr. There was no hint of the social upheaval that has torn France apart in recent months. And there prevailed a certain vision of French history, in the easy invocation of former members of the academy, celebrated French writers with dubious wartime collaborationist pasts like Henry de Montherlant, cited by Mr.

Grainville as a mentor. As with other ceremonious and antiquated French institutions, the pomp provides its own justification, even for those who harbor reservations about it. Then he answered his own question. Rouart grumbled. Log In. Rouart asked.

The Academie The Academie
The Academie The Academie
The Academie The Academie
The Academie The Academie
The Academie The Academie
The Academie The Academie
The Academie The Academie
The Academie The Academie

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