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Meehan put me on Pred forte every 2 hours, and dilation drops 3 times a day, and I was to follow up with him the next Friday. With a week passed, it still had not gotten any better, He encouraged me to stick with it for another week.

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He sent me for blood test which I got the next Monday. By Wednesday, my dilation drops were no longer working, I had put them in 3 times, and my pupil has not gotten any better, in fact, it had started to look deformed. I was sent in that day to see him.

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He prescribed me a stringer dilation drop which did the trick. I had another appt.

He said my HLB test has come back negative meaning that I have a hyperactive immune system, and that the inflammation has moved to my retina. He added one more non-corticosteriod drop to my daily routine, and I am to see him in a week. If there is still no improvement, I have to move onto the injections, and then onto immunosupressant therapy.

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All this is very scary to me. February 25, Elsworth, Catherine May 6, The Daily Telegraph. Los Angeles. New York Daily News. Washington Post. Jennifer Aniston Runs Away with It". Vanity Fair. New York Post. International Business Times. Washington State Magazine. Washington State University. San Francisco News. Bristol Herald Courier.

The Washington Post. McCarthy, Todd January 21, The Hollywood Reporter.

Eagle-eyed Friends fans spot the creepy moment a mask's eyes glow bright red in the background

Harmon, Steph June 15, News Corp Australia. December 4, Toomey, Alyssa March 21, TV Guide. Archived from the original on May 18, Retrieved April 28, Archived from the original on October 1, The Independent. Animation World Network. The A. Deadline Hollywood. Retrieved November 8, Retrieved January 23, October 3, New York. New York Media. April 18, Retrieved October 8, Los Angeles Times. November 15, — via Times and Wire Reports.

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Retrieved October 13, Internet Broadway Database. November 10, McElroy, Steven November 9, Bata, Mussarat November 16, Retrieved July 29, Clark, Mari February 7, Cozens, Claire November 20, PR Week. Beyond that, watching her tap into the mind of a psychotic serial killer is scary-good. Unlike The Boy Next Door , this is creepy done right. Alright, alright, alright. Admittedly, number 1 and number 2 on this list are easily interchangeable. The romantic comedy earns high marks for the unrivaled chemistry between Matthew McConaughey and Lopez. Although, the irony of a woman helping other couples plan their perfect day, only to spend her nights at home alone is not lost on us.

Still, watching these two dance in Central Park, fumble with statues, and debate about Olivia Newton John gets better with every viewing. She rose to the occasion though, in what is still considered to be one of her most revered performances and our top pick! Type keyword s to search. Temi Oyelola. Columbia Pictures. Watch Now The rom-com is one of two films left behind from the "Bennifer" era, when Lopez dated actor Ben Affleck from to Suzanne Hanover Universal.

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Watch Now Viola Davis and Lopez star in this suspense , and those two names should clue you in on why it ranks favorably on our list. Shades of Blue.

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Columbia Pictures YouTube. Watch Now With more and more women feeling empowered to come forward to recount their suffering of abuse, this film is even more timely today than it was in What to Expect When You're Expecting. Watch Now Based on the original book of the same name , the funny movie follows the lives of five couples who have one thing in common: they're all about to be parents. Second Act. The Back-up Plan. Watch Now Lopez tackles pregnancy again in this rom-com.

Watch Now We never knew we needed Lopez and English action star Jason Statham in a movie together until 's Parker , a film derived from the 19th novel, Flashfire , by Richard Stark. Getty Images. World of Dance. Watch Now Not only does Lopez star in this show as one of the judges, but she's also an executive producer. Shall We Dance. Watch Now No surprise here that Lopez is at her best on the dance floor, as the actress first got her start as a backup dancer on the '90s sketch comedy, In Living Color , and for pop icon Janet Jackson.

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Through Jennifers Eyes Through Jennifers Eyes
Through Jennifers Eyes Through Jennifers Eyes
Through Jennifers Eyes Through Jennifers Eyes
Through Jennifers Eyes Through Jennifers Eyes
Through Jennifers Eyes Through Jennifers Eyes
Through Jennifers Eyes Through Jennifers Eyes

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